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Exhibition Area

“Metropolitan Expo” is considered as the newest and most modern exhibition center of Greece. It allocates, parallel, ground level and spacious halls, impressive reception areas, indoor corridors as well as completely equipped halls appropriate for events, enterprising and Press meetings. Moreover, it carries restaurants, bars in all halls, free wireless LAN, parking facilities for visitors (of the extent of 110.000 square metres) and parking lots for exhibitors and coaches.

The access is extremely convenient through the Attiki Odos high way or the suburban railway and the subway (final terminal) where (free of charge) coaches transfer visitors to the exhibition center.
Other advantages include proximity to hotels, malls, recreation areas and the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

The halls


The height of the “Metropolitan Expo” halls fluctuates from 7 to 12 meters. They are all full equipped with international specification technologies, such as underground channel systems of electrical and water supplies as well as sewerage for all stalls.

In order to secure the comfortable and fast charge and discharge of the structures and merchandisers, 20 doors are at exhibitors’ disposal in each hall, while in-depth studies has been conducted so as to be able to accommodate the needs of  any larger  exhibit, with five doors for the loading and unloading of all special exhibits in all halls.
Abundant exterior space for outdoor stalls and particularly larger exhibits is also available.


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